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'The Christmas Story as told by Edgar Cayce'-THIS is the ACTUAL Day of Jesus' Birth-January 6th~

PLEASE LISTEN TO THE BOOK , in the video below...

Celebrated as 'Epiphany' which means 'appearance'. 336 AD it was moved to Dec 25th which was already a Big Festival of the Worship of the Sun. ...and THIS is what he Actually taught..."Be STILL and Know that I AM" .

"To receive Christ is not accomplished through church membership, nor by the outer ritual of acknowledging Jesus as one's savior but never knowing him in reality by contacting him in meditation. To know Christ signifies to close the eyes, expand the consciousness and so deepen the concentration that through the inner light of soul intuition one partakes of the same consciousness that Jesus had. Saint John and other advanced disciples of Jesus who truly "received him" felt him as the Christ Consciousness present in every speck of space. A true Christian─a Christ-one─is he who frees his soul from the consciousness of the body and unites it with the Christ intelligence pervading all creation."

Created and Narrated by Antonia Lau

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