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'Service to ALL'

Making manifest in word, action, and deed those lessons gathered; little by little, line upon line, giving them, for that is SERVICE TO ALL. 

Edgar Cayce reading” 136-6 


Everyone attacks a job differently. Some are organized, never attend a meeting without previous notes, agenda with notations....because they have read the agenda and prepare for the meeting. Others expect someone else to look after the paperwork. Some of us are list makers and planners and others procrastinate and do things at the last minute. Some committee members take on way too many duties and get overwhelmed. Some committee members take on a job and feel that they are the only ones that can do the job. I speak from experience and have done all of these. I have had to work hard to change my way as it leads to control, not love of what one is doing or of the folks you work with.


When I worked at a college, we were given  Meyers Briggs courses. I was always dazed and amazed that the different groups would be given a problem to tackle and yet we all came up with a solution but, entirely different. A friend and colleague, would always come in late, be late for meetings and although is now retired, still comes late to gatherings that we oldies get together. Her desk was a mess, she was always looking for notes, she always seemed so disorganized no matter what she was doing. I worked on a project with her at one time and she drove me nuts as she always had another idea and another plan.  I thought we would never get it all together. (I learned a great deal from this gal along with patience.) Of course, those in my group, we all thought we were so smart and had a perfect way.


We cannot assume that the other person knows what we want or will do the job the way it is to be done.  Working under the umbrella of the A.R.E. and therefore, representing the A.R.E. and it is a service. You cannot expect the attendees to know the amount of work that is done by the committee. Frank always said if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, and take up something else instead of volunteering for the work.


When dealing with the regions that Frank and I were a part of for 10 years, we often heard Charles Thomas talk of the 3 C's.... communication, co-operation, compromise.


All groups have their struggles but do the group have a group spiritual Ideal? Do the various jobs need a “job description” so that those of you that have done the job for eons not expect a new person to know what you want to be done and how you want it done.


It generally always comes together but assuming this is hard on those that have done so much work in getting organized. You know what ASS U ME means.

Everyone is busy.....I don't know anyone that is not in a nursing home or hospital suffering with a disease that is not busy. Being busy is not something that you alone own. All of us, working together need the three “C's”.


First of all, think about Communication....write out your thoughts on some of what there is on the agenda....have a copy of the agenda with you. Communicate with the group. By writing out your ideas and thoughts you will help get through the agenda efficiently.


Co-operation...I know that this is the first chapter in SFG and that I have read through it many times but every time, I think WOW.

“Co-operation in the physical is defined as acting or co-operating jointly with others.”

“The best in life is ours, not at the expense of others, but in harmonious cooperation. In every successful organization, the law is in effect.”

"When self is lost in the Ideal, cooperation is the natural result.”


Compromise...I may not agree with everything that the committee plans or does but if I want to be a part of the committee and want to do the work then service does involve compromise.


I would add Commitment……if you volunteer are you committed to the work?


Sent with much love and hugs, Nan

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After the passing of our friend Ray Rucker, I wrote a letter to many of our friends and now reading about days gone by you may get a chuckle. 


Ray has been a very good friend for many years in the A.R.E. family.    Ray, as Frank said one day, was always one of the gentlest of men.  He was non-judgmental, kind, considerate, patient, joyful and found humor in everything as well as being very tolerant of all those around him.

There were the many “vanpool” rides to Ottawa, Montreal and Kingston.  The time the van stopped on the highway between Kingston and Toronto; Frank and Colin Bambrick got out of the van, opened the hood and stood there looking inside.  The rest of us in the van (and there were like 4 or 5 of us) were very quiet suddenly…and found out later that each one of us was saying a silent prayer.  Frank and Colin got back in the van and we got to Toronto to deliver our passengers, and Frank and I arrived home in Kitchener safe and sound.


Then there was the trip to Ottawa when Ray was driving, and he and I were so busy talking we missed the cut-off from the 401 to go up to Ottawa.  (the others were asleep or reading in the back) This was likely one of the many times that Ray would explain to me, “ I was to understand my relationship to Frank” and reminded me that men do not think the same as women.  When you ask about where they went and if they had a good time, all you were going to get is, “good, good.”  Don’t expect a description when a one-word answer will do. When the rest of the passengers realized we were “lost”, let me tell you, they were not particularly spiritual in their reaction, but we got to our destination in any spite of it.


Frank would always comment to Ray, “thank goodness you are here as now she (meaning me) would not aggravate him but aggravate Ray instead.”  It was all in good fun and I got back as good as I gave out.


Many years ago, before computers, Sue Wilkinson would do a “mock up” of the brochure for the Canadian Fellowship Conference and Brian would meet Frank in downtown Toronto usually around Christmas to give Frank the brochure to have it “proofread” and then take it to Gary Christie for 'Fastforms' to print.  One New Year’s Eve, Maisie Marven and Ray came for dinner to our home and then we “proofed”  the brochure…..with a fine-tooth comb as both Maisie and Ray could spot a grammatical error or any other error very quickly.


After dinner and the proofreading we sat around and talked as the night wore on.  Maisie told a couple of stories about ‘stuffing the turkey’ and then as it got quite late she told about some friends that when they were tired and wanted the company to go home, the lady of the house would get out the vacuum cleaner and the man would stand up and sing, “God Save the King (it was the King in those days.”)  We then had another drink and talked some more.  Frank then stood up and started to sing, God Save the Queen and shortly thereafter Maisie and Ray headed back to Toronto.

Then there was the time several of us piled in the van to head for Montreal.  On our arrival discovered there was no room for us at the 'Comfort Inn' and had to go to the Holiday Inn, where there were only two rooms left.  Some of the group was to stay at the host’s home and Frank and I, Ella and Maisie were to stay at the hotel.   Frank and I got the room with a queen-size bed in it and Maisie and Ella shared the king-size bed in the adjoining room.  Those were the days that we drank the occasional cocktail of Orange Juice and Vodka.  After getting into the hotel and giving everyone a drink we started to laugh and joke and Ella and Ray decided to show us all how they were taught to do a Bladder Lift as in the John Ray program.  Well, if anyone would have walked in….there were 5 or 6 laying on the bed, pushing and pulling up very close to private parts.


I could always count on Ray to lend a helping hand here in our home or in the kitchen or setting up and “schlepping” chairs and tables wherever needed at a conference or event.  He just knew what to do and quietly went and did it.


Wednesday morning, Ray passed away and then Thursday morning we learned about the birth of our first great-grandchild.  On Wednesday, I was feeling very sad and weepy, and at one point recalled when my pregnant daughter asked my dying mom to please help the little soul from the other side that she was carrying.  I decided to ask Ray to help Sean and Renee’s little one.  I was telling this to Sherry Browne and Sherry jokingly said, perhaps the baby is a reincarnation of Ray. “Well, when she gets older and brings wine to the pot luck, we will know.”   I don’t believe that I will ever serve wine again without thinking of Ray and raising a glass to the wonderful soul that he is.


My journey with the many ARE friends all over Canada and the USA has brought me so many lessons as well as laughter and love.


I hope you got a chuckle out of my memories of the past.   Love and hugs,   Nan

Cayce's Teaching About Viruses: 

John Van Auken wrote this in his Newsletter I subscribe to -

A virus cannot survive in a body that is slightly alkaline. “Not too great quantities of acid-producing foods should be taken. Citrus fruits, to be sure, are NOT acid-producing; they are alkaline producing, unless combined WITH starches at the same meal. Divide the diet into a 20% acid-producing foods and 80% alkaline-producing.” (257-202)

Alkaline blood pH protects healthy cells and balances essential mineral levels improving immune function. Alkaline producing foods are: fruits (including citrus) and vegetables, egg yokes, soybeans and tofu, and some nuts, seeds, and legumes are alkaline-promoting foods; as are cucumbers, green beans, garlic, lettuce, carrots, almonds, olive oil, tofu, soybeans, pears, peaches, blueberries, watermelon, bananas, pineapple, cherries, and  the like. Acid producing foods are meat, chicken, pork, fish, egg whites, diary, grains, walnuts, peanuts, and cashews.

    Try to eat 80% alkaline and 20% acid - need both for health.   –John, stay healthy!


The Real Work of A.R.E. Is in the Study Group Work

by Hugh Lynn Cayce

I was given this article by Jon Shatat, who got it from a 'Group Starter' in the 'States',  and I thought it was a great article to share.

Hugh Lynn came to Toronto a few times and he was wonderful to listen to and helped start so many groups in Canada.  60 in Toronto.



(Excerpts from his lecture)
"My Experiences in the Original Search for God Groups"
given on June 8, 1981

In February of 1931, Edgar Cayce's dreams collapsed, completely. The hospital that had been
operating for three years, that had doctors, M.D.'s, osteopaths, x-ray equipment, etc., was closed.
Atlantic University closed. For a while, we thought Edgar Cayce was going to die. He wanted to die. And,
in my mind at least, it was the Study Group, the first Study Group, that saved his life. It's about this Group that I want to talk.
It was an unlikely collection of people. This group of people wanted to get readings, but
they had questions to ask, and they wanted to know what to do at this point. Everything looked like it
was going out the window—and they wanted to ask questions. They did not have in mind, at the first
meeting, any idea of what was going to be proposed in that first reading for them, and what this was to
lead to for the Association. It was a new development, a new direction.
Edgar Cayce proposed in that first reading that the group put together a book to be later called
A Search for God and that they begin work with the discipline of meditation. The readings proposed a
subject for each of the essays, or chapters, in the Search for God. They would give a short discourse
and an affirmation which was to be used as a meditation. The group wished to work on this and to write
up their experiences in trying to apply, in their lives, the suggestions that the found in this reading on
the spiritual law—cooperation. Their writings are now the twenty-four chapters of A Search for God,
Books I and II.
This Group had never written anything, any of them. We were in the throes of the Depression.
There were no regular salaries or income, and we were just beginning to pick up the pieces of a very
shattered dream. As we talked with each other and shared ideas and concepts, in this small group, it
boiled down, finally, to twelve people who really did most of the work.
Dad participated in all of the discussions, and he made contributions of own, consciously—wrote
on the typewriter with two fingers, selections to be turned in to the compilers. Some of his material, at
a conscious level, is part of the Search for God material, both in Books I and II. His was edited just as
strictly as the rest of them. He was very much a part of the discussions, and the contributions, and the
meditations. He woke the members of Group #1 for a time, until they got into the habit of meditating
every morning. He offered to do this. It must have been a very powerful suggestion, because every one
of them woke up at the proper hour in the morning.
The meditations that these people began to work with, the material, and the discussions that
they held in their regular meetings stirred individual members of the Group. Some strange and
interesting things happened to these people. They became, many of them, very, very psychic, very
sensitive. We don't today make a great effort at telling you that if you get in a Study Group you can get
to be just as psychic as you want. But, in my mind, this is absolutely true. I don't think it's any problem
at all for the average person to become psychic. It's what you do with it after you begin to be psychic
that becomes important.
Esther Wynne used to get hunches about where to go to start Groups. It was an absolute inner
knowing that she expressed in terms of these intuitive flashes, and who to talk to. She would write to
these people, and they would invite her, and she would take off and go start a Group. And this began to
extend itself clear across the United States. As she phrased it, "It came to me . . . it came to me."
Ruth Lenoir had another kind of direction and guidance. It was a practical kind of ESP. She had a feeling
for action, and when she obeyed these, it worked for her.
There was another lady in the group who was the director or head of the healing group or the
prayer group that formed within the first Search for God Group. Florence Edmunds became a channel
for healing. I was a party to a number of the experiences that she participated in where she was used as
a channel for instantaneous and direct healing. She did it in Jesus' name, of course. She was a channel
for healing, not somebody that was a healer. And there is a difference.
What was Edgar Cayce trying to do through this first A.R.E. Search for God Study Group? It
wasn't just to proclaim a system of teaching of some kind, because you have trouble even reading the
Search for God material. The ideas, the concepts are fairly simple. When you try to put the concepts
into action, in a daily life, there seems to be something else that takes place and happens. There are
literally thousands of people getting help—inspiration, guidance, healing—people who are beginning to
move who say simply, if you ask them, "It's changed my life." We have a job to do here, and we need to
discover what it is. Then we need to do it as diligently as we know how. There are many in these Groups
who found that it was a privilege and an opportunity to share the results that we found in our lives as we
tried to put these principles, these laws, these spiritual concepts, into daily action.
Why do you start out with cooperation? Now, the cooperation isn't just any old cooperation: it's
cooperation with God, of course, Not only God in the Universe, but God in other people. And that
requires some very specific hard work. You look at that affirmation and, if you dare, meditate on it for a
month. You will begin to discover that it has a great deal to say. It's about being a channel of blessing
today, now, to those you contact in every way. This means everything to everybody. For some of us can
do just a little, and some of us can do a great deal, depending on the talents, and the abilities, and the
knowledge, and the power, and the money, and all the things that are at our disposal that God has made
available to us.
It's quite different for each one of us, but the principle, the basic principle is the same:
"To love and to serve one's fellow man in a practical everyday way." When you begin to do that, God will
give you, as a natural result of aligning yourself with the Universal Laws, an opportunity to serve in far
greater capacities and directions than you ever dreamed was possible. I've watched it change the lives
of thousands and thousands of people. All you have to do is try it.
Now, some of you think you've got a whole lot better stuff than what's in that book. It's not
what's in there. It's the principles that are there, the simple statement of basic spiritual law. And when
we begin to align ourselves with them, anything can be accomplished. There is a support of the energies
that have been generated in the Group, as you work with each other, pray for each other, meditate
together daily and then at meetings; as you share concepts, and discuss and try to understand the laws,
and then begin to try to go out and practice a little bit. Try them out. Work with them. And come back
and share your failures and your successes at a daily level.
I strongly recommend that you take a look at the Group work
and consider it a part of your life.
To me, it is the most vital part of A.R.E., without question.
To me, the real work of A.R.E.
in terms of loving, and caring, and serving God,
is in that Study Group work.
Try it.
You might like it.

Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2007 By the Edgar Cayce Foundation All rights reserved.
Text and materials copyright the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc

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