• Larry

'Spirituality and Sexuality~Insights from the Edgar Cayce Material' by Mark W. Finnan

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

From the perspective of the Edgar Cayce readings, if we wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of ourselves and a balanced and healthy awareness of the role sexuality plays in our lives, we need to first accept and work with the premise that we were initially created as spiritual beings possessing free will and limitless creative ability.

As one relevant reading stated “ In man’s analysis and understanding of himself it is well to know from whence he came as to know whither he is going…..Each soul that enters, then, must have had an impetus from the beginning that is of the Creative Energy, or of a First Cause. What then was or is the First Cause? The First Cause was that the created would be the companion for the Creator.” (5753-1). So, what does knowing where we came from have to do with our sexuality?