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' Service to ALL'

Submitted by Nan Thomas

Making manifest in word, action and deed those lessons gathered; little by little, line upon line, giving them, for that is SERVICE TO ALL.

Edgar Cayce reading” 136-6

Everyone attacks a job differently. Some are organized, never attend a meeting without previous notes, agenda with notations....because they have read the agenda and prepare for the meeting. Others expect someone else to look after the paperwork. Some of us are list makers and planners and others procrastinate and do things at the last minute. Some committee members take on way too many duties and get overwhelmed. Some committee members take on a job and feel that they are the only ones that can do the job. I speak from experience and have done all of these. I have had to work hard to change my way as it leads to control, not love of what one is doing or of the folks you work with.

When I worked at a college, we were given Meyers Briggs courses. I was always dazed and amazed that the different groups would be given a problem to tackle and yet we all came up with a solution but, entirely different. A friend and colleague, would always come in late, be late for meetings and although is now retired, still comes late to gatherings that we oldies get together. Her desk was a mess, she was always looking for notes, she always seemed so disorganized no matter what she was doing. I worked on a project with her at one time and she drove me nuts as she always had another idea and another plan. I thought we would never get it all together. (I learned a great deal from this gal along with patience.) Of course, those in my group, we all thought we were so smart and had the perfect way.

We cannot assume that the other person knows what we want or will do the job the way it is to be done. Working under the umbrella of the A.R.E. and therefore, representing the A.R.E. and it is a service. You cannot expect the attendees to know the amount of work that is done by the committee. Frank always said, if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, and take up something else instead of volunteering for the work.

When dealing with the regions that Frank and I were a part of for 10 years, we often heard Charles Thomas talk of the 3 C's.... communication, co-operation, compromise.

All groups have their struggles but does the group have a group spiritual Ideal? Do the various jobs need a “job description” so that those of you that have done the job for eons not expect a new person to know what you want done and how you want it done.

It generally always comes together but assuming this is hard on those that have done so much work in getting organized. You know what ASS U ME means.

Everyone is busy.....I don't know anyone that is not in a nursing home or hospital suffering with disease that is not busy. Being busy is not something that you alone own. All of us, working together need the three “C's”.

First of all think about Communication....write out your thoughts on some of what there is on the agenda....have a copy of the agenda with you. Communicate with the group. By writing out your ideas and thoughts you will help get through the agenda efficiently.

Co-operation...I know that this is the first chapter in SFG and that I have read through it many times but every time, I think WOW.

“Co-operation in the physical is defined as acting or co operating jointly with others.”

“The best in life is ours, not at the expense of others, but in harmonious cooperation. In every successful organization the law is in effect.”

"When self is lost in the Ideal, cooperation is the natural result.”

Compromise...I may not agree with everything that the committee plans or does but if I want to be a part of the committee and want to do the work then service does involve compromise.

I would add Commitment……if you volunteer are you committed to the work?

Sent with much love and hugs, Nan

(see Nan's Corner on our website for more...)

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