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'My Healing Heart Book' by Rosalie B. Khan

Submitted by Nan Thomas

Rosalie B. Kahn started writing poetry at the tender age of five, and kept diaries from the age of twelve. Her first book, My Golden Butterfly, is a collection of poems dedicated to her son, Alex.

Her second book, Grow With Me, is a compilation of inspirational poetry that she wrote from childhood, including poems inspired by her colorful life in foreign lands. Rosalie writes as an outlet to express love, pain, and the gamut of emotions in between.

In 1977, Rosalie joined the US Foreign Service. During her twenty-six-year career, living in far off lands, she was involved in many interesting and extraordinary activities. Rosalie formed Edgar Cayce study groups all over the world, teaching spiritual growth concepts. She taught English to Polish immigrants in Austria. She acted in theatrical productions in Turkey.

In Colombia, she worked for the Narcotics Section of the US Embassy in the late 1970s, a time when there was much political unrest in that country. In Austria she took dictation at the Hofburg Palace, which was the home of very powerful families during the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918). Then in Nicaragua, she managed to scare off an iguana that was sunbathing on the side of the swimming pool!

'My Healing Heart', Rosalie's third book, is the story of her life. It takes us on an incredible journey from a difficult childhood, to adventures in distant lands, romantic escapades, and the heart-wrenching loss of a small child. Rosalie also shares valuable spiritual lessons she learned through studying and applying the principles of the famous psychic, Edgar Cayce.

She tells how she turned to these teachings for strength when she was faced with her life's most difficult challenge in recent years. The end result--Rosalie's healing and empowerment--is a source of inspiration for anyone who has faced insurmountable challenges. Her true story will tug at your heart.

Rosalie was born in New York City. She is married to Guillermo Lopez, a Chilean. They are living in the seacoast village of Algarroba, Chile. Rosalie now spends her time writing, doing healing work, and teaching spiritual growth concepts. Visit her at

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