• Larry

'Memories' by Nan Thomas

After the passing of our friend Ray Rucker, I wrote a letter to many of our friends and now reading about day’s gone by you may get a chuckle.

Ray has been a very good friend for many years in the A.R.E. family. Ray, as Frank said one day, was always one of the gentlest of men. He was non-judgmental, kind, considerate, patient, joyful and found humour in everything as well as being very tolerant of all those around him.

There were the many “van pool” rides to Ottawa, Montreal and Kingston. The time the van stopped on the highway between Kingston and Toronto; Frank and Colin Bambrick got out of the van, opened the hood and stood there looking inside. The rest of us in the van (and there were like 4 or 5 of us) were very quiet suddenly…and found out later that each one of us was saying a silent prayer. Frank and Colin got back in the van and we got to Toronto to deliver our passengers, and Frank and I arrived home in Kitchener safe and sound.