• Larry

'Leaders in Waiting' by Peter Woodbury, MSW

In the background of the Cayce material are many allusions advising us to be prepared for times of change.  Those of us who are students of the work have been, consciously or unconsciously, building the skill set to manage change. What is that skill set? Let’s have a look.

In my talks around the country, I often make reference to this topic of change and preparation for change. When circumstances are mundane, when life is going along smoothly, everyone basically appears the same. But when a crisis happens, leaders step up. If you’re at a movie theater and the PA system announces that everyone must leave the building, some will follow the orders, some may panic and a few will step up to calmly help lead the evacuation process. That person who was watching the movie nearby, who is now assisting with the evacuation, was a leader in waiting. My theme today is to explore how Cayce has been preparing us for times like these, how we are all leaders in waiting. Let me briefly summarize these important topics and if they pique your interest, you can explore them in depth in other Cayce materials:

Physical.  The Cayce holistic view of health clearly teaches us that we get ill, for the most part, not because a germ or virus outside of us has attacks us, but because our normal systems of managing health have gotten stagnant or vulnerable. The key to health is not in attacking pathogens, but in building immunity, fostering a healthy body environment. There are several keys. Harold Reilly coined the acronym “C.A.R.E.” for Circulation, Assimilation, Relaxation and Elimination. If we maintain healthy circulation, assimilation, relaxation and eliminations, we will be pretty healthy. Cayce said many times that a key to health is the ability to eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients. He said that in this dynamic, we could, basically, “choose when we die”! Another key to resistance to infection is in maintaining alkalinity. An alkaline environment is very resistant to infection. On the other hand, an acid environment is a hotbed for illness. The key