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'Edgar Cayce's Prophecies and These Times' by Mark W. Finnan

Edgar Cayce’s in-trance ability to diagnose and proscribe treatments for a myriad of human ills gained him the reputation as the father of the holistic health movement, which is based on the principle of a living interaction between the spiritual, the mental and the physical. Given his proven track record on health issues and his remarkable ability to foresee future developments in medicine and science, such as blood sampling and the use of lasers, it behooves us to pay attention to what he had to say regarding the challenging and divisive political, economic and social conditions existing at the time, conditions similar to those we are experiencing today, and the solutions he suggested.

In addition, Cayce also gave a few readings that made particular reference to the nature of these times as times of transition for humanity, times during which we would be called upon to engage in the process, as co-creators and participants in the shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. Although they are few in number there is much in these readings that merits our heeding. While they point in places to some major earth changes, some of which we are already experiencing, on the whole the Cayce readings are positive and encouraging about the future and our ability to create a more unified, equitable and peaceful world.

It is important to keep in mind the philosophical framework and the metaphysical mindset within which Cayce’s prophecies were given, namely that the outcome is not set in stone but depends on our response and the application of our individual and collective free wills. It must also be understood that any prophecy is based on conditions and circumstances existing prior to and at the time it is given. As these change due to our individual and collective attitude, thought and action so does the outcome, for better or worse.

However when dealing with the abuse of political power, the economic inequalities, the racial and religious issues, the conflict between management and labour, and the resulting civil unrest so prevalent today, the readings are clear cut as to what needs to be done. Many researchers of the Cayce material, myself included, see today’s unsettling events at home and abroad, be they political, economic or health related, as a cyclical recurrence of the same conditions that existed in Cayce’s time, but of greater significance and scale.

Viewed from this perspective, Cayce’s psychic commentaries on the causes of the world’s ills of his time and the solutions he proposed are as pertinent and applicable to today as they were when originally given. Take for instance what he had to say in these extracts from readings regarding the use and misuse of power, political and economic. “Those who are in power must know that they are their brother’s keeper, and give expression to that (2780-3)…If those in position to give of their means, their wealth, their education, their position, do not take these things into consideration, there must be that levelling that will come.

For unless these are considered, there must eventually become a revolution…things such as crime, riots and every nature of disturbance. Unless there is the give and the take, and the considerations of those that produce, so that they have as much of the use and the division of the excess and profits of their labours, there must be brought greater turmoil.” (3976-19)

In advising that there should be a return to the land, to local food production, and not so much of the makeshift of labour in other activities, one can read Cayce foreseeing our current concern about food supply and sustainability and the precariousness of the gig economy.

Elsewhere Cayce refers to these times as times of levelling and renewal, of moving from a predominantly materialistic mindset into one that is more spiritually influenced and based on a whole world view. Regarding economic disparities, racial and religious conflicts and the resulting social unrest he said “ Though there may come those periods when there will be great stress, as brother rises against brother, as group or sect or race rises against (the other), yet the levelling must come.”(3976-18). In order to resolve these long simmering issues he stressed the need for a common and unifying spiritual ideal, a standard of thought and behaviour that all could aspire to and live by, regardless of race or religion.

In emphasising the need for each of us to set and apply a spiritual ideal in our lives, his take is metaphysical as well as practical, namely that our individual as well as our collective application would contribute to resolving the unrest and uncertainties so prevalent in our world. In calling for a fundamental change in values, something that many are now contemplating, the readings emphasise the necessity for each individual to play his or her part, small though it may be, in creating a better world, if the ills we are experiencing today are to be eventually eradicated. He said that the two important questions we all had to ask and answer for ourselves are ‘Am I my brother’s keeper’, and ‘What can I do to help the current situation?’ The levelling would come, and it would lead to a more enlightened leadership and a new order in human affairs. Cayce’s higher self, the source of the information given, might well have had our present time in mind when he added at the end of one of his world affair readings that there will be the rising to power (those) that are able to meet the needs. We must keep the faith and act accordingly.

Regarding the prophecies that mention our transition into a New Age or New Era, and the subsequent changes that must occur in the process, there is no clear consensus on when that transition may have begun. However he assures us it has and one date reoccurs in several Cayce readings on the topic that indicate this “In 1998 we may find a great deal of the activities as have been wrought by the gradual changes that are coming about. These are at the periods when the cycle of the solar activity, or the years as related to the sun’s passage through the various spheres of activity become paramount or tantamount to the change between the Piscean and the Aquarian age. This is a gradual, not a cataclysmic activity in the earth in this period.”(1602-3). Of note here is the fact that the changes he is referring to are gradual and, according to this and other readings on the topic, have been occurring during our lifetime.

However the most important part of the transition according to Cayce is that which must take place within ourselves if we are to be co-creative participants in the process of helping to usher in a new era. These are perhaps the most challenging for many of us as they require conscious, consistent and courageous efforts on our behalf in order to grow, letting go of the psychological and physical hindrances of the past as we learn to develop and apply those aspects of our spiritual nature that bring about change in our own lives and those of others. “….Faith, hope, patience, long-suffering, kindness, gentleness, brotherly love- these be those over which so many stumble; yet they are the very voices…..the very vision of the New Age, the new understanding, the new seeking….(1436-1)

This is not to ignore those readings that speak of the challenges we must face, including those that refer to some major earth changes. Some of these are perhaps the most challenging of all his predictions to nail down or come to terms with given the uncertainty about dates and the conditional nature of these predictions. However others ring true given the locations and the geological nature of the territories mentioned, particularly those referring to the east and west coastlines of North America and to South America. Likewise he comments on what he calls ‘upheavals’ in the Arctic and the Antarctic due to the shifting of the poles that result in previously frigid or semi tropical areas becoming more tropical so that ‘moss and fern will grow’, changes that are already being fulfilled, whether due directly to a slight shifting of the poles or to climate change.

At the same time he mentions specific areas both in the US and Canada that would be safe during these periods. For a complete review of these readings I have, below, listed a few publications that cover them in detail. One can access the entire range of the

Cayce’s readings through the membership page on the website

As mentioned earlier, his commentaries on the birthing of a New Age are predicated on a widespread raising of consciousness, something that is becoming more evident in the world around us. His directives on the inner growth process involving meditation, dream work, self-analysis and reflection, combined with our awakening to our ability to initiate positive change in our personal lives, in our communities and beyond are timeless and universal.

Many of us have experienced this in a variety of different but relevant ways, gaining a greater sense of purpose and meaning. It is evident in the engagement of so many worldwide in activities at the local, national and international levels, involving issues dealing with equality, justice, economics, health, habitat, the environment, earth healing, food production, the arts and of course the political process. Our growing concerns about and rejections of what many consider have been western society’s destructive economic norms and ways of life, is further evidence that we are on the move into a more enlightened era, just as Cayce predicted.

Returning to his health readings, which alone have had such a tremendous impact on changing attitudes and lifestyles, it should interest readers these days to know that Cayce insisted that a virus, even the common cold, cannot live in a body with an alkaline balance, best achieved by adhering to a diet that consists of eighty percent fruits and vegetables, twenty percent meats, grains and starches. We can only know this to be true or not from our own experience.

Any detailed reading of the Cayce prophecies confirms that regardless of the current tensions in our political and economic affairs, the upheavals in society at large and the stresses to our environment and the earth, we are assured that these can be worked through, that there is a positive outcome, provided we adopt a more spiritually influenced and balanced approach to life, allowing the awareness to grow within us that we are all one and that we are all in this together.

Books/Booklets recommended:

EDGAR CAYCE’s PREDICTIONS for the 21st Century.

BY Mark Thurston

We Publish Books. Rancho Mirage, California.


By John Van Auken. A.R.E. Press. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

TIMES OF CRISIS. A.R.E. Press. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

EARTH CHANGES. A.R.E. Press. Virginia Beach. Virginia.

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And it must be added to my last sentence:

Lastly, the West has led our world for 2000 years starting with the Roman Empire and all we had was colonization and wars and famine, AND TOTAL DISRESPECT FOR HUJAN LIFE, so time has come for change.


Uranus also raises human or individual consciousness or that of the masses which is what Cayce also predicted for the future.


My belief is that whatever is meant to happen will happen. If we look back to the human history from the time of Christ - wars after wars just happened and spread - people were brought down to cause wars throughout the world and parts of the world to be overtaken. Christianity by far is not a saintly religious establishment. And Christ who promoted and represented Love and Peace was killed. Who did it is irrelevant - the fact that it happened is a clear message as to what would transpire in the following 2000 years of human life.

What God has in store for us for the next 2000 years are yet to be seen. Aquarius is a sign…


Blah blah blah...blah blah blah...In reality, the Edgar Cayce Readings say: "What is needed most in the earth today? That the sons of men be warned that the day of the Lord is near at hand, and that those who have been and are unfaithful must meet themselves in those things which [will then] come to pass in their experience [1. being killed and cast into the Outer Darkness for one thousand years; 2. then being cast into the Lake of Fire]." (5148-2) and "Do ye choose this as the opportunity that people shall be warned that the day of the Lord is [near] at hand and [so] let every man forsake the old ways and cleave to that which…

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