• Larry

'Edgar Cayce's Prophecies and These Times' by Mark W. Finnan

Edgar Cayce’s in-trance ability to diagnose and proscribe treatments for a myriad of human ills gained him the reputation as the father of the holistic health movement, which is based on the principle of a living interaction between the spiritual, the mental and the physical. Given his proven track record on health issues and his remarkable ability to foresee future developments in medicine and science, such as blood sampling and the use of lasers, it behooves us to pay attention to what he had to say regarding the challenging and divisive political, economic and social conditions existing at the time, conditions similar to those we are experiencing today, and the solutions he suggested.

In addition, Cayce also gave a few readings that made particular reference to the nature of these times as times of transition for humanity, times during which we would be called upon to engage in the process, as co-creators and participants in the shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. Although they are few in number there is much in these readings that merits our heeding. While they point in places to some major earth changes, some of which we are already experiencing, on the whole the Cayce readings are positive and encouraging about the future and our ability to create a more unified, equitable and peaceful world.