• Larry

Do We Outgrow the Cayce Material? by Mark Thurston

Submitted by Nan Thomas

Several years ago I unexpectedly encountered a man with whom I'd been acquainted for a number of years through our mutual involvement in the A.R.E. When our paths crossed one morning in the A.R.E. Headquarters Library, we exchanged greetings, and he said, "I'm rather surprised you're still working here. I'd have thought that by now you'd have outgrown the Cayce material." His statement stopped me short.

I can no longer recall exactly how I answered him. I suspect I said something about the rich diversity of the Cayce readings that still held my interest. Even if I'm now vague about the details of my response, what did stick with me -in my long-term memory- was his question. I guess I hadn't seriously considered the idea that the Cayce readings' philosophy was something you outgrow and then move beyond, to more advanced spiritual studies. I still find myself wondering, "Do many people think that way?"