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Congress 2016 Presentation -Relationship Building

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

by Levan Burgin, National Outreach Coordinator/International Contact

(Submitted by Nan Thomas, A.R.E. Canadian Coordinator-)

A long title, representing two different departments, focused on doing the same thing.

I work in partnership with our A.R.E. member volunteers to support and develop outreach endeavors. I serve in partnership with our International Contacts, to build our global Edgar Cayce community.

Connectedness and communication is what makes the world go round.

My focus with you in these next few minutes is on Relationship Building.

Levan asked for “Audience participation, Repeat after me:”

Good Morning everybody

How do you do?

On this fine morning?

Are you in love with you?

Love of self. Relationship building starting with Self.

“Father, as we seek to see and know Thy face, may we each, as individuals and as a group, come to know ourselves, even as we are known, that we-as lights in Thee-may give the better concept of Thy Spirit in this world.” 262-5 Affirmation for “Know Thyself” chapter 2 in Search For God book 1.

Honesty – true to ourselves so that we can be true to others

Appreciation – for what we do

Gratitude – for who we are

“Until we are better acquainted with ourselves, we are barriers in the way of our own development.” (Introduction of “Know Thyself” chapter.)

How often are we beating ourselves up in our mind our thoughts over something, some incident?

The past is the past. How we live the present is how we build our future, individually and together for this organization.

Developing relationships is what evolves us and allows us to grow.

What future do we hold in our vision?

I feel we all “signed up for this before incarnating” that’s why we are a community of souls dedicated to the legacy of Edgar Cayce.

For this organization to be prominent, to be exceptional in providing spiritual leadership in this worldly experience, now and into the future, Intra-connection within our Edgar Cayce communities is essential to our success and development. Building strength in numbers.

Members support the organization through membership dues, contributions and volunteerism. We are a membership organization. Being a member is not self-serving, it is being in service.

Where does your passion lie in keeping this Work on-going?

We need to develop a constructive way in forming a web of spirituality around this planet.

How can we support a global initiative, keeping the teachings of Cayce alive and relevant - worldwide?

Again, strength in numbers, and as Cayce said strength in unity of purpose, is how we stay relevant and present. Growing our organization.

In a letter to members in 1933 Cayce asked “each one of the membership to secure a new member”. In the same letter he stated: “This Work, we are persuaded, CAN be worth a great deal more; if there will be a little more interest shown by the members of the organization.”

Growing our organization – strength in numbers – we each should endeavor to introduce someone to our organization, to this Work.

Our Members’ Congress provides a wonderful opportunity for relationship building.

You get to meet members from the US and from many other countries. We always have a few internationals that make it to congress each year.

At this time Levan Introduced International attendees: I, Nancy Thomas, Lori Jenkins & John Ryan were in attendance. Peru and Australian representatives were also there.

Levan is looking forward to continued development within the US and with our International Edgar Cayce community.

I know many of you in this room who are on A.R.E. Staff.

I’d like to express my thanks to the staff without whom I could not fulfill my work in supporting the efforts of the member volunteers in the field.

I know many of you in this room as many of you are member volunteers that I have the pleasure of working in partnership with. I come from the volunteer ranks. That’s my background with A.R.E.

I know many of you in this room and to those I don’t, it would be a pleasure to meet you and I welcome that opportunity.

Volunteer webpage: New resource tool and communication … pg 34 in VI



I raise my vibrations

To the Divine

I raise my vibrations

To the Healing level

And so it is….

I Thank you for this relationship building time.

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