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Contemporary Cayce of Canada

Contemporary Cayce of Canada




Contemporary Cayce of Canada

Our Team works closely with the A.R.E Headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For more information regarding Edgar Cayce in the United States, please visit:

Upcoming Event: 

"Edgar Cayce on 'Exploring The Illusion of Time' by: Kevin Todeschi 


Current Programs & Events 


'Exploring The Illusion of Time'

by: Kevin Todeschi

Free Online Webinar | October 15th | 7:00pm EST

Led by Kevin Todeschi, the retired Executive Director & CEO of the Edgar Cayce work, this program will give you a new perception on how time works, and how we are each co-creators in the unfoldment of our personal experiences in time.


'Creative Awakening Retreat'

by: Montreal retreat committee

In-Person Event | October 28 - 30 | 5pm EST 

"Do give the opportunity for music. Let the entity listen to and be guided by, not that character of music that is of the passing fancy but that which builds harmony, that which builds the bridge between the sublime and the finite - or from the infinite to the finite mind.


Contemporary Cayce of Canada

Contemporary Cayce of Canada organizes and makes available spiritually based programs and workshops based on Edgar Cayce's Legacy.

This work is aimed at providing an opportunity and approach to those people wishing for greater Spiritual Growth, Knowledge, and Awareness. Edgar Cayce's work empowers people from ALL walks of life and from ALL ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The role of TEAM 'Cayce of Canada' is to keep the Edgar Cayce Legacy alive and well in Canada and elsewhere. We hope to achieve this task through our webinars, in-person events, and Spiritual Growth Groups. 

"The Word - is the key to life. - When man speaks the word "I Am" he directly links himself with God."

Edgar Cayce 


Spiritual Growth Study Groups

Read. Learn. Think. Grow. Inspire. 

Spiritual Growth Groups (formerly: Search for God Study Groups) contain a unique blend of committed listening and participation from each person, praying and meditating together, coupled with the encouragement to apply the experiences and knowledge in daily life has brought about astonishing changes in the lives of group members. 

Today, study groups meet online  across Canada to read in community, learn the Cayce philosophy and think collectively in order to help grow and inspire spiritually based material.  

Get Involved and learn more information about joining a Spiritual Growth Group

near you. 

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"For the material at best, is only temporal or temporary, while that which may be built from spiritual desire and spiritual purpose... is eternal" 
- Edgar Cayce 1971-1, par. 8

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View Our Offerings


View the life of Edgar Cayce and the legacy established at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. 



Volunteer with the Contemporary Cayce of Canada, or Join our Prison Outreach Program across the country. 


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This in-depth, personalized report will give you invaluable insight into your purpose in this lifetime, along with the lessons to be learned. 



Learn from your Past Lives- This Edgar Cayce Past Life Profile is called our most intriguing chart ever!


Written Articles By Members and Guests of Contemporary Cayce of Canada

Contemporary Cayce of Canada

View timeless blogs written by supporters of Edgar Cayce

Making manifest in word, action, and deed those lessons gathered; little by little, line upon line, giving them, for that is service to all.

- Edgar Cayce 136-6


The following articles are blog posts written by members of the CC of C team. It is by integrating Edgar Cayce's readings into our every day life that we may begin to adopt a spiritual lifestyle.

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