Extremely AccurateRelocation Report reveals themes that you are likely to encounter when you relocate (or travel) to a new location. A relocation chart is a natal horoscope moved to a different location. It’s a chart cast for the same cosmic instant of birth, but looked at from another location, as if the birth happened there. The planets’ sign positions all remain the same, but they will appear in different houses at different locations, thus altering their strengths and areas of influence.


So, if you were born in New York, for instance, and then moved to Paris, your relocation chart would have any first house planets shifted about 90 degrees clockwise into the tenth house; tenth house planets would be shifted into the seventh house, and so on, thus giving your natal chart a whole new look for your Parisian adventures.


In fact, if it turns out to be a significant improvement, you might even want to move there. Or, perhaps you might just want to visit when you are doing the kind of things that your Paris relocation chart favors — work, play, health, creativity — depending on your planets’ relocated house positions.You don’t have to actually show up at a strong relocation place to have it affect you.


You may well find that areas where you have locality planets, midpoints, transits, or progressions on the angles have a way of waltzing into your life unannounced, or that you’ll find yourself dealing with people who live there in a way that is described by your chart in that locality.


In the era of electronic world travel, you may not need to go out of your door to find your different relocation charts working for you.The Horizons: Relocation Report interprets the signs on the angles of the relocation chart, planets on the angles, paran latitude lines, and current transits and progressions to the relocation chart. It includes a “relocation scoring graph” covering such categories as love, energy, emotions, and success, as well as the relocation chart itself.


This report can be run for your current location if different than your location of birth, or for a place you are interested in relocating to, either permanently or for travel.  Averages 10 pages.